Is Empower Network Just Another MLSP?

Empower Network came onto the scene one week after Live the Dream 2 (an insiders event for MLSP). Along with it came a lot of hype and big claims of being the answer to the stagnation that the Internet Network Marketing industry had been feeling. Claims of high commissions, instant payments, and being a plug and play system that required little more than entering a few pieces of information and having it run on auto pilot. Throw in the done- for-you lead capture page, sales video, affiliate opportunity and the face of a very well know internet network marketer at the forefront and it begins to look like another system that catapulted many into online success not too many years ago.

Empower Network

I'm Just Ducky Over Empower Network And MLSP Both

Key Differences Between MLSP And Empower Network

Contrary to Popular belief and to the dismay of many conspiracy theorists in and outside of the industry there are significance differences between Empower Network and MLSP (My Lead System Pro).

Price: MLSP has a 2 week trial membership of $9.99 and afterward your card is charged $49 (monthly) for the Gold Membership or $99.97 monthly for the Platinum Membership. Empower Network’s Basic membership is just $25 with the option of upgrading to the Inner Circle at $100 monthly and/or the Costa Rica Intensive Mastermind for $500 a one-time fee and the newest product called The $15k Per Month Formula is only a one time value at $250.00.

Commission: MLSP pays $15-$20 dollars per affiliate sale depending on the membership level purchased. To be in profit mode you need about 4 people. Empower Network pays 100% commission. Just one membership puts you in the black ready to pocket what you sell.

Learning Curve: Although MLSP is a great system there is so much incorporated, that it takes some time to learn. Those looking to have their business up and running immediately will find that at minimum they need to dedicate a few hours to learning the system. With Empower Network members can get started instantly as the system provides both a basic and advanced blogging platform that requires no more than typing a post and publishing.

Can Both MLSP And Empower Network Be Used Together?

In spite of their differences, both systems are very useful, but for different reasons. The level of education that comes with an MLSP membership is impossible to deny, and though Empower Network has its own training, it has yet to top what the leaders of MLSP have put together. Empower Network is a viral blogging and marketing system that at its core serves to help marketers get back to the basics of doing business while earning the income necessary to fund their business. Empower Network is a funded proposal.

Users of Empower Network will find that rather than seeking to compare the two or be the system that’s better than MLSP they will benefit most by using the systems in conjunction with each other: Empower Network as the front end product, MLSP as an upsell, then eventually funneling team members into their primary opportunity (MLM or High End Direct Sales). Taking this approach will not only show your professionalism by not seeking to rip apart another organization, but also your leadership ability as you create success stories with your team in each system.  In conclusion both MLSP and Empower Network are great lead generation systems that can be that funded proposal you are looking for.


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PS- See the differences for yourself in this video <—-click For The Empower Network Video

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